Contact Editor use cases

Is your contact list perfectly organized?
Well, it can be - with Contact Editor! No matter what field you are working in!

The great thing about this solution is that it can be used by anyone. For today’s posting, we prepared several use cases!

Company workers

Company workers often work with a lot of people and are dealing with clients on a daily basis. If that’s your case, then you probably need a space for managing that much contact information.

Contact Editor is a powerful solution that will reorganize your entire contact list by managing data such as contact’s company name, department, title, address, plus! there is a section where you can write memos about how you met a certain person, where, what the meeting was about etc.

By having important details in the palm of your hand at any time can be detrimental to your business relationship. With Contact Editor, networking is very easy since you are less likely to forget about who the person is and what was the topic of your previous conversation and meeting. And since company workers are often very busy, the Contact Editor can remind you of important events related to the person when calling or receiving a call. That way, you can build positive relationships inside and outside of your company!

Head hunters

In the case of head hunters who have so many people in their contact list, it’s hard to remember people by name. That's why it’s important to keep your contact list organized! With Contact Editor, head hunters can see all information at glance and even use the sorting and search function when looking for a specific position. Contact Editor makes finding the right person a piece of cake!

Even when you’re out of office but have to get in touch with a person who would be the perfect candidate for a new position, Contact Editor has got your back.

With Contact Editor’s Search function, a recruiter can organize their talent database and have quick access to the right connections at any time, anywhere. When adding or editing a contact, use the “Content” space - there you can write the contact’s education, working experience or the most relevant keywords. Then let’s say you need someone working in PR or marketing, or someone fluent in a certain language - simply look up those words and get the match of all the contacts that have those words in their contact details! Never miss the right talent again.



Just like headhunters, journalists also have an extensive list of contact points in different companies and connections working in diverse fields. That’s why Contact Editor is a solution that can make reporters’ and journalists’ life a lot easier.

Being always “in the loop” is important - especially for people whose daily work depends on being informed on the latest information, such as reporters and journalists. Keeping a close relationship with people in various fields who can keep you updated and share crucial information and tips is of great value - which is why contact management is essential for people working in this field. Other than using Contact Editor to customize how you receive calls so you are ready to greet the person the right way as soon as the phone rings, you can also use the “Content” feature. Once you need a tip, some information about the specific event, or industry contact, rather than going through hundreds or thousands of contacts on your phone, why not just enter a keyword and find what you’re looking for!

Simply assign a keyword in the “Content” section and later just lookup that keyword!
Connecting has never been easier with Contact Editor!



Salespeople sometimes spend their entire day on the phone - working on several projects, communicating with people inside and outside of their organization, contacting clients… that’s an overwhelming number of people you have to talk to, and it’s hard to keep all of their names, project details, and other important information in your head.

Organizing a contact list with that many people in your contact list can also be very tiresome.

Not anymore!

Instead of going through a messy and disorganized address book, salesmen can manage it with Contact Editor and have easy access to anyone inside or outside of their company!