Contact Editor Service Updates are here!

How do you like your organized and always up-to-date contact list so far??

Well, with the recent service improvements, contact editing has gotten even easier and more convenient than before.

Other than stability improvements and bug fixes, there are some interesting feature updates that we would like to introduce to our Contact Editor users.

Custom Fields

How many times did you want to save certain information about your contact, but there just wasn’t a field for it in your cell phone? These fields were only available in Google Contacts, and users would have to export the CSV file, edit in Excel, reupload, and then deal with a bunch of duplicated contacts that reuploading has created...

That’s a thing of the past!

Contact Editor has been supporting custom fields since the beginning, but now all custom fields are displayed on the Contact Editor spreadsheet for easier - and faster - contact organizing!

Column Freeze

One more spreadsheet function added to Contact Editor!

Now you can freeze columns and easily figure out what information is missing, no matter how many contacts you have or how much information you have stored!

Let’s say that you want to organize all contacts from a certain organization. Instead of continuously looking up the company name in the spreadsheet and scrolling left and right each time for each contact, simply freeze the organization column and with one scroll check any field that needs to be edited.

We also want to thank our fast-growing Contact Editor community for sending us valuable feedback that helped us improve the service. Please keep sending us your suggestions at and we will do our best to apply as many of your suggestions as possible.

In the meantime, continue arranging your contacts at, and look forward to an even better service in the near future!


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