Importance of contact organizing

Below are the 4 reasons why you shouldn’t procrastinate updating your contact list. And with Contact Editor it’s easier than ever.

1) Personalized, better, healthier and longer-lasting relationships
If you value your business, no matter what industry you work in, an organized phone book is almost like an investment. By keeping your contacts up-to-date, you’re investing in high-quality relationships. There is nothing worse than picking up the phone and calling the wrong name, not remembering where you met the person on the other line, not being able to reach an important contact when you need it, or forgetting the important details such as the person's birthday or an important date… and all of this simply because your contact list has outdated or incorrect information stored on your phone. Lost connections, especially if out of your circle, might be very hard to get in touch with again. If you’re serious about business and networking, having a positive relationship with people inside or outside of your organization is crucial. 

2) Getting to REALLY know your contacts
Sure, name and phone number is the most important part of your contact list, but why stop there? You are missing out. Now smartphones support so many additional fields that can help you create a complete profile of each contact in your contact list. Starting from where they work, what’s their job, title, address to chatting application ID and countless custom fields… You can even add details about your contacts that will remind you of your past conversations, meeting topics, small and personal events, important activities and dates etc… Keeping an organized contact list with detailed information can enrich your both business and personal life.

3) Easy grouping, merging, sorting
Categorizing can be an impossible task with thousands of messy contacts. A well-organized contact list can make filtering and grouping a piece of cake! Especially with Contact Editor that supports bulk editing - simply drag to select contacts - and you can group and regroup them with just a click. In the pas you had to spend time going through hundreds of contacts just to find that one person from that one company you met at some event a year ago. When you save a contact, you can group them by the company they work at, an event you met at…. Options are limitless!

4) Time management
How much do you value your time? Time is the most valuable resource you have, and you shouldn’t waste it spending several minutes (or hours!!!) looking for a certain person in your phonebook, or going through your minutes of meeting trying to find out what the discussion with that person was about, or where and how you met, or asking around in order to find out other details about the contact, or… Use your time wisely and it will pay off with work productivity. If you update your contacts with important information, you can have access to that information wherever you are - ever out of office!

An organized contact list is just a click away ;)