Contact Editor for people who use both Android and iPhone

Today’s posting is for users who own several phones, both iPhone and Android phone in particular. We will show you how to use Contact Editor to efficiently manage your contacts on any mobile phone - simultaneously.

Whether you have a separate phone for work, or are traveling often and need another phone for a local sim card, or simply use several phones for personal reasons, contact list organizing gets more time consuming if you have to do it separately on several devices.

Sure, if all of your phones use the same operating system (Android/IOS), it’s easy to sync the contacts, but for users who use both iPhones and Android phones, contact syncing is not automatic and contact management gets more complicated.


Google Contacts

[Android phone contacts are by default synced with Google account]

Android users are asked to connect their phone to their Google account the first time they use the phone. Automatically all the contacts will be synced to that account even without special settings. But in case of iPhone users, their contacts will be connected and synced with Apple’s iCloud.

In order to sync contacts on both phones, the user should switch the default account on iPhone from iCloud to Google (Gmail).


iPhone Settings

1. Set up Gmail as a default account for your contacts on your iPhone

Settings > Contacts > Default Account > Gmail

2. Add a Google account for your contacts

Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Choose Google
[Adding a Google account on iPhone]

*Make sure to add the same Google account that you use on your android phone.


Edit contacts in Contact Editor

[Contact Editor]

1. Login to Contact Editor

You can access Contact Editor:
> directly from the website

> run the extension from your browser

> run the Google app

2. Organize your contacts in any way you desire!

[Contact editing in a spreadsheet format]

Add, delete, copy/paste information, merge contacts, edit groups… you can now organize your contact list simultaneously on all mobile phones. After clicking on the “Save” button, all modifications will be synced with all of your phones that are connected to the same Google account.

For editing manuals, please refer to some of our past blog posts!

Arrange your contact list

Get rid of duplicates

Display contact’s business details

Assign a country/dial code to your contacts


We hope that Contact Editor will save you a lot of time and help you manage your contact list on any phone. To install Contact Editor, you can click on the banners below!


If you have any questions about using Contact Editor, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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