How Contact Editor can help salesmen

Contact Editor is a productivity app that can be used by anyone who has many contacts in their phone or is dealing with a lot of calls and emails on a daily basis.

Which is why it’s a perfect tool for people working in sales!

In the chart below, you can see where salesmen invest most of their time for sales prospecting.
[Survey results, source:]

Salesmen make calls, send follow up emails, arrange meetings with potential customers and have to be in contact with customers on various networks. This is the main reason why an organized contact list is important for anyone working in this industry.

Creating a strong bond with your potential clients

Salespeople get a lot of inquiries about different products every day.

When you get a call from a potential client, wouldn’t it be nice to get reminded in that instant about who they are, where they work, what product they are interested in or what you talked about last time on the phone?
[Build positive relationships with your potential clients]

Instead of just picking up a call with a “Hello”, you could use that valuable information to greet the person appropriately and let them know you remember who they are and your relationship with them - this will make the other person feel valued and important, not just another number to reach your monthly quota.

For detailed instruction on how to display important information when making or receiving calls, please visit the blog posts below!

Building strong business and personal relationships

Display contact’s business details

Email contact management

A huge part of a salesperson's day at work consists of sending emails.

[Arrange Gmail contacts with Contact Editor]

With thousands of contacts and countless emails every day, it’s possible to get confused and send an email to the wrong person - which can be fatal for the business.

Contact Editor comes to the rescue!

With Contact Editor, you can easily and quickly arrange your contact list so that when you’re sending an email, you don’t send it to the wrong person!
Instead of just keeping the contact’s name, save the name of their company and their job position - that’s how you can get rid of the confusion and speed up the email follow up process!

In the posting below, you will find more information about how Contact Editor and Gmail work together.

Contact Editor for Gmail users

We hope that anyone working in sales gets the maximum benefit of using Contact Editor, closes many deals and always beats their quota!

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