Edit in bulk! Contact Editor’s time saving feature

Hello! We are back with another post.

Today we want to highlight a function that will help you organize your contacts in Contact Editor better - and faster.

So far, we showed you how to edit and save your contacts’ important information, how to display certain keywords during incoming/outgoing calls, how to use Contact Editor to manage your Gmail contacts and many more. For various manuals on how to use Contact Editor, you can look through our blog and learn more about its features.

And today we will focus on one very convenient function of our solution: bulk editing!

So let's start.

Bulk Editing

Who doesn’t like a well organized contact list?
Most of us would update our contacts regularly if it only took less time.

Well, luckily for our users, Contact Editor allows for bulk editing, which means: contact organizing isn’t a time consuming task anymore!

Let’s see how it works.

1. Log in to Contact Editor:
> directly from the website contacteditor.io

> from your browser
> from the Google apps

2. Select contacts you want to edit
[Multiple contacts selection]

3. Right click on the selected area and choose what edit you want to apply
[Editing options in Contact Editor]

Let’s say you want to apply a country code to all of the selected contacts. Instead of editing each contact one by one, just right click on the selection, choose “Automatic phone number format setting” and pick the country from the dropdown list, as shown in the picture below.
[Country code option]

Then choose the desired number format and click on “Confirm”. Now your country code edits will be applied to all selected contacts at once.
[Country code was added to all selected contacts]

The only thing left is to sync the changes to your phone. Click on the “Save” button from the Toolbar section on the top of the screen, or on “Save changes” in the top blue menu bar.


With a bulk editing function, you can update your contact list anytime, anywhere!

Since all changes can be applied to multiple contacts, even if you’ve only got 5 minutes for contact organizing, for organizing and editing in Contact Editor that will be more than enough.

Now it’s time to experience it on your own!

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If you have any questions about using Contact Editor, don’t hesitate to contact us!
You can leave your comments in the comment section below, or reach us at support@contacteditor.io.