I-ON Communications to release Contact Share

I-ON Communications (“I-ON”, “Company”), expert in unstructured data management and leading provider of sports and energy data management software and digital marketing solutions, announced on May 29 the plans to release Contact Share, a Google contacts sharing service.

After launching a contact organizing solution, Contact Editor, in October last year, I-ON added another contact management service to the Company’s wide array of offerings. Contact Share is a service that lets its users share their mobile contacts connected to their Google account with other Google users. It is a simple and convenient service where a user can quickly share thousands of their contacts with just one click.

The beta version of the service will be available for purchase with a special promotional price in June, and the official launch is scheduled for July. Before buying the Contact Share licence, anyone can try out the service through its free 14 day long trial period, after which they can purchase a Basic or Premium plan whose pricing will vary according to the number of users covered by the licence. Contact Share will also include free access to Contact Editor Premium version to all of its users.

This service has a goal to simplify internal processes in any organization and make contact sharing a quick and convenient process. Contact Share users can share entire groups at once and since this service comes in a package with Contact Editor, its users will also have the access to a smooth contact manager and will be able to keep their contact list organized at all times. Contact Share will also allow users to set up automatic synchronization which will update the shared contacts at fixed intervals to all users who received the shared group.

After launching, Contact Share will be available for download from Chrome Webstore or G Suite Marketplace by looking up “Contact Share” in the search box. It will also be accessible directly from its website contactshare.io, just by simply logging in with your Google account. With this solution, I-ON enriched their contact management service and will be continuing to improve the solution by adding new features and functionalities.